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Our Vision

~ Learning for Life ~

Our Mission

We are committed to and passionate about nurturing the education and well-being of the whole child in a safe and caring community, through fostering an inclusive culture where every individual is valued.

We deliver an ambitious and creative curriculum, to meet the needs of every child, ensuring a life-long thirst for learning.    


Woven and embedded through every thread of our curriculum and school life, we teach and demonstrate our core school values each day from learning moments in the classroom to character-building moments outside to family-defining moments at home.

  • Respect – We understand and have empathy for the values, beliefs, rights and opinions of everyone in our school and wider community. We actively embrace and participate with the local and global community, upholding the Rights of the Child. We are proud to have Gold Rights Respecting Schools status. 

  • Resilience – In the face of challenges, we endeavour to try our best at all times. Should we face difficulty, we strive to adapt, bounce back and recover quickly. 

  • Cooperation - We work together as a team to learn and succeed by providing encouragement to others through praise and positivity and helping each other by building positive relationships through discussion and respecting the opinions of others. 

  • Consideration – We show an awareness of others’ feelings and opinions and we achieve this by demonstrating kind and thoughtful behaviour. 

  • Ambition – We possess a strong desire and determination to always try our best in everything we do and achieve to the best of our abilities. We nurture curiosity by asking questions, thinking critically about what we are told and we find out more about ourselves and the world around us. 

  • Independence – We encourage independence by helping everyone to take responsibility for their own actions and learning so that we all achieve our full potential. 

  • Confidence – We emphasise the importance of believing in ourselves, to give a feeling of trust in our own abilities, qualities and judgement. 


At Langtoft Primary School every child matters.  Your child has the right to be safe and happy.  As a Rights Respecting School: Gold Level, we nurture positive moral, social, cultural and spiritual values within an environment of equality, courtesy and mutual care and respect.

We are a Gold UNICEF Rights Respecting School . Each Article of the United Nations Convention on Children's Rights is written here in child-friendly language for you to share with your child. 

'Respect, resilience, cooperation, consideration, ambition, independence and confidence are the seven core values at this school. Pupils, parents and staff all played a part in setting these values for their community school. Pupils know them and do their very best to show them at all times in their work and their play. They are kind and have empathy. Pupils know that sometimes others have a bad day and need help to get it right. The result is that this is a warm, welcoming and inclusive school where pupils feel safe and attend well.' Ofsted, May 2023


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