Your School Games

Your School Games


Mr J McCullough (Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Deputy  Headteacher 

Mr S Dolby (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Curriculum Leader for Science and Religious Education)

Teaching Staff 

Mrs D Britten (Curriculum Leader for ICT and Music)

Mrs S Bytheway (Phase 1 Leader and Curriculum Leader for Reading)

Mrs L Ellis

Mrs J Graves (Curriculum Leader for P.E.)

Mrs S Oakley (Sports Coach)

Miss K Porter 

Mrs E Pennell (Phase 2 Leader, SENCo and Curriculum Leader for Mathematics) 

Mrs J Strawbridge (supply teacher)

Mrs P Wells (Phase 3 Leader and Curriculum Leader for Writing and Geography)


Mrs A McGill

Administrative  Assistants 

Mrs H Greenham

Mrs M Smith

Teaching  Assistants 

Mrs S Adams

Mrs R Amos

Mrs J A Falco

Mrs D Gaches

Miss Z Henderson

Mrs K Hudson

Mrs A Kaye 

Mrs A Nickson

Mrs A Redman

Mrs M Smith

Mrs R Wall


Mr S Horsley

Cleaning Team 

Mrs C Camm

Mrs F Dow

Mrs C Puopolo

Midday  Supervisory  Assistants 

Mrs S Adams

Mrs R Amos

Mrs C Aranyi

Miss C Pinfold

Mrs C Puopolo

Mrs J Wesselby