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Lincolnshire Reading Pledge

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At Langtoft Primary School, our children in Y1 to Y6 are taught the key knowledge and skills as outlined in The National Curriculum in England (2014).  That document can be viewed in full here.

Our Catch Up Strategy for Covid-19 can be read here.

We have arranged the objectives into 'cluster themes' by grouping subjects and topics to give learning purpose, relevance and, we hope, a sense of excitement and interest.

Please find your child's year group from the list below to discover for yourself what learning is to take place...

Foundation Stage
Curriculum Overview
Term 1: Marvellous Me
Term 2: Let's Celebrate 
Term 3: Chinese New Year
Term 3: Once Upon A Time 
Term 4: Supertato
Term 4: Spring and Chicks 
Term 5: Full of Beans
Term 6: Minibeasts

Year 1
Curriculum Overview
Term 1: Are We Nearly There Yet?
Term 2: The Land Down Under 
Term 3: Toy Story 
Term 4: Hospital Heroes
Term 5: The Enchanted Woodland
Term 6: Animal Boogie

Year 2
Curriculum Overview
Term 1: Let's Explore
Term 2: Fire! Fire! 
Term 3: Land of the Dragons: China
Term 4: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Term 5: All Creatures Great and Small
Term 6: How were holidays different in the past?

Year 3
Curriculum Overview
Term 1 & 2: Rock of Ages
Term 3 & 4: Under the Canopy 
Term 5: Tomb Raiders
Term 6: Why were tomb raiders in Ancient Egypt?

Year 4
Curriculum Overview
Term 1: Gods and Mortals
Term 2: Tremors!
Term 3: High Voltage
Term 4: I am a Warrior
Term 5: Habitat! Habitat!
Term 6: I Predict a Riot! Anglo Saxons

Year 5
Curriculum Overview
Term 1: Vikings 
Term 2: Space and Explorers
Term 3 & 4: Victorians
Term 5: Our World
Term 6: Ancient Maya

Year 6 
Curriculum Overview
Term 1: The Battle for Britain 
Term 2: On Top of the World
Term 3: Stand and Deliver
Term 4: Coastal Life
Term 5: Light Up My Life
Term 6: What came first - the chicken or the egg?


Our school teaches phonics and early reading, writing and spelling using the Read, Write Inc Phonics scheme.  Discover more about the scheme here. Children practise reading at home with parents using RWInc Book Bag books along with the Oxford Reading Tree stories about Biff, Chip and Kipper and the Project X set of fiction and non-fiction books.